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At Blueprint, we pride ourselves for being able to deliver a wide range of solutions to our clients. We are passionate about numbers and analytics. Our strategies are often implemented utilizing both fundamental and technical analysis. We believe our rigorous approach will continue to produce favorable results. Learn More About Us slide

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Founded in 1984, Blueprint Financial Group is a true independent investment and financial planning firm built on the foundation of sound ethics, accountability, and deep integrity. We are free from conflicts of interest and are not beholden to any organization, investment company or products. This enables us to guide our clients toward their financial goals with the financial security they consider critical.

Richard Eller

Founder & President

Your dreams, goals, and aspirations require a true, mapped-out blueprint to be successful. At Blueprint Financial Group, that’s our job. Our primary goal as a company is to help you get past the anxiety, confusion, and doubts you may have regarding your ability to achieve your financial objectives. We ask the right questions and engage in meaningful conversation. We then create, execute, and monitor your plan — your blueprint to succeed with your objectives with confidence.


We Operate With a 5-Point Mission:


Understand your personal and financial situation.


Understand your views, attitudes, likes, and dislikes.


Understand your core values.


Understand your knowledge and comfort about economics and your finances.


Understand your preference in communication.

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